I ran into a powershell script that Tomas Restrepo created to set putty up with a better color scheme. The color theme he used was based on Tango. This inspired me to make a few updates to my default configuration for putty. I used the powershell script to update my color theme and then updated [...]


There is a flaw with the below solution it causes the associated Excel files to loose their icons. I posted a follow-up article for opening Excel in Multiple Windows that provides the same solution while associating a new icon with the Excel Files. When you open an Excel file in Windows Vista, it will only [...]


touch with DOS commands

by Brett on March 20, 2007

I often use Cygwin to get access to a few linux style commands that I need. The command touch is one of those commands. In case your not familiar with it it will create/update the creation and modification times of a file to the current time. If the file specified does not exist it will [...]


Count number of lines in a file using DOS

by Brett on February 25, 2007

Every once in a while I get on a computer and I need to count the number of lines in a file. My first instinct is to open my text editor (editplus) and hit ctrl+end to get to the bottom of the document. Then I can view the status bar which will tell me the [...]


Mute on the Command Line

by Brett on December 14, 2006

I found a nice little utility to mute computer speakers at the following site: It is now very easy for me to mute/un-mute my speakers since I have this setup with SlickRun. Basically, while working on my computer I hit ctrl+space start to type mute and hit enter. I now have toggled the sound [...]

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Sleep/Pause on the command line

by Brett on December 14, 2006

A quick simple way to make the command line stop executing for a certain amount of time is by put Everyone once in a while I need a way to stop the command line from executing for a certain number of seconds. By putting the 2 below lines in to a sleep.bat file I am [...]

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Intro to Windows Power Shell

by Brett on December 10, 2006

I am just starting to familarize myself with windows Powershell. So far it sounds very powerful! I often find myself using DOS to create quick scripts that will automate some process. Over time I have found DOS to be fairly weak when compared to a Linux shell. My solution to this problem was to download [...]

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Create file in DOS edit/copy con

by Brett on November 21, 2006

When working in DOS sometimes I have the need to quickly create a file. Normally I would type “edit test.txt” which would open test.txt if it exists or create it if it doesn’t exist. This works well if I need to edit an existing file or type a lot of data. Note: use the alt [...]

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Hardlinks in Windows (junctions)

by Brett on November 15, 2006

Hardlinks are something that I always thought were not supported in windows. Now with the NTFS file system hard links can be used. In dos the fsutil command can be used to create a hardlink from a specific file. Using a command like the following: fsutil hardlink create newFile.txt originalFile.txt From what I can tell this [...]

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Dos Prompt Modifications

by Brett on October 26, 2006

As I tend to use a dos a lot I decided it might be nice to modify the way dos looks. Below is the result of my modifications. I basically just changed the font color to green and made the working directory appear one line higher than normal. Here are the steps if you would [...]

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