Listed below is the majority of the programs that I wrote while attending the University of Washington in Tacoma. This is just to give an idea of the variety of concepts that I have used.
The below program was written in TCSS 422.

The below programs were written in TCSS 371

Float Lab

The below program was written in TCSS 360.

Cellar Tracker Meets eBay This is a fairly large program that was developed with a team of 4 using CVS for version control and MVC for the architecture.

Design Bidding Model For Online Help This is a design for an Online Help System.

Automated Lottery Ticket

The below programs were written in TCSS 342.

Hash Table Map

Binary Search Tree Set

Linked List with Iterator

Algorithm Analysis and Big Oh

Convex Hull

The following programs were written in my TCSS 142 and TCSS 143. The majority of the programs were written using Pair Programming.

Feet to Meters
Change With Loops
Change With Arrays
Temperature Conversion
Temperature Conversion GUI
List GUI
List GUI #2
Solid Sub-classes
Data Entry
Doubly Dimensioned Array
Linked List
The below program was written in my spare time and is not associated with any class taken.

SOAP Scripture Observation Application. Prayer - The purpose of this program was to be used as a journal for reading the Bible. I figure it is about 75% done and I stopped working on it due to lack of time.


Source Code - Various small algorithms that were written in maple.


Email Attachment - a small function to send an email with an attachment.

Email Text - This function will send an email to the specified address in both HTML and text.

Thumbnails - a few functions used to get all of the image out of a folder and its subfolders and recreate the images in another location with the same file structure. The recreated images will be sized down and contain a watermark. It also removes any images that were deleted from the original folder. This script works great when run nightly in a cron job. It gives the ability to easily add files to a directory and automatically have the files resized, watermarked, and updated.

Pagination - a function to automatically generate the links for pagination.

File Storage - some simple functions to add data to a file or retrieve data from a file.

Bookmarks - a script I threw together to take the bookmarks of Internet Explorer and save them as a webpage. It then uploads the webpage to a server. Adding this as a scheduled task in Windows then gives the ability to access your bookmarks from any computer.


Newest File - opens the newest file in a directory. Requires Cygwin to be in the path.

SSH Synchronization - A script that can be used to synchronize files with a server over an SSH connection. Takes two parameters a password and a directory to start in. It then determines the Linux directory to upload to based on the directory to start in. It also gives the option of encoding files with MMCache. Next it asks what type of synchronization should be done and then synchronizes the files. it also offers to chown the files to a different username. The SSH upload is completed using WinSCP.

Validate Webpage with W3C - Validates a webpage by getting the content from the server and then sending it to the W3C validator. This allows pages that contain a server side language (like PHP) to first create the correct output. Requires that curl is in the path.


Rollover Image Effect/Popup - will replace the image with another one when the mouse is over an image. This can also be used to create a pop up window effect when the mouse goes over an image or any other item, just change the position of the .hover large. This does not have to be strictly used with images, it can also be used to show/hide a block of text when the mouse is over text/image.

BeanShell (JEdit specific)

Open Explorer - opens windows explorer in the same directory as the current buffer.

Search in Directory - Opens the search box with the directory set to the path of the current buffer. If any text is selected it will be added to the "search for:" box.

Change Dock - Four scripts to give the ability to move around in the open docks.

Browse - Opens the current buffer in a browser with the correct server name or file path by reading the hosts file.

Open Link - Opens an HTTP or FTP link on the line of the cursor. If a link is selected it will open the selected one. If multiple links are on the same line it opens the first one on the line.

Adobe Photoshop

Batch Resize Images (Proportionally) - This application will select all the files in the specified folder(s) and proportionally resize them to have the specified maximum width and a maximum height. It will save the files as a jpeg and gives the option of optimizing them for the web.


Countdown - A little countdown timer that was used to count the days, hour, minutes, and seconds until a wedding. After the wedding the script begins counting the days, hours, minutes, and seconds of a happy marriage.