When I was in my first two years of college I immediately became frustrated with the small amount of technical classes that I was allowed to take. My solution to this problem was to start my own business, Classic Web Development, that would allow me to increase my technical skills while making a few bucks. This has given me the opportunity to meet a wide variety of customers and create many different websites, which can be seen below.
Chilton Layne

This site was created for a condominium development that was being built. It gives future residents the ability to find more information on the builder, view available floor plans, and pre-register.

The site is only intended to be available until the construction is finished and all of the condominium units are sold. Therefore the below link is only available temporarily.


Lost Found Clothing

This clothing company wanted a convenient way to allow their clients to view their latest designs. Their talented graphic artist wanted to personally create the design for their site. They needed this design to be turned into code and displayed on the internet accurately.

This is where I came in! The code for this website was written by hand using a standard text editor. It was verified it against the latest coding standards. I also tested the site on multiple operating systems and web browsers for functionality and display.


Torch & Regulator Welding Supplies

T&R Welding Supplies wanted to expand their market outside the local community with a website. They desired a design that would compete with many of the already established online businesses in their industry. A simple and straight forward design is what they were after. With this site, I created everything from start to finish while highlighting the most important parts of their business.


Andrew & Megan

Andrew and Megan are now newly-weds but before the marriage they wanted a way to keep family members up-to-date with all of their wedding activities. So, they had me create this site that allowed family members to view and purchase items from their registry, view a photo album, read about Andrew and Megan, and contact them. The site also has a neat countdown timer that I created that will count the days, minutes, hours and seconds until the wedding and then after the wedding count the days, minutes, hours and seconds of a happy marriage.



BPCI (Bob Pearson Construcion Incorporated) is a contruction company that was founded over 36 years ago and specializes in commercial construction. They came to me with a outdated website that they wanted to have redesigned. They also wanted to be able to update the content in their website without needing to touch any code. I was able to create a web-based administration program for this purpose which BPCI was very pleased with since it allowed multiple people to update the site without needing to know anything about the actual code that was created.


Pür Media

Specializing in photography, videography and graphic design; Pür Media already knew what they wanted their website to look like. So, they came looking for an experienced website programmer. I took the designs this company created and wrote code that not only displayed the given design, but also gave the functionality of viewing videos and slideshows of their past projects.


CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is a content management system that allows users to easily manage and update the content in a website, without needing to know the complexities involved. This was a fun project that I participated in. I worked together with a few other developers and helped create one of the most used and highest rated content management systems around. More information on the rating of CMS Made Simple as well as information about other content management systems can be found here.


The Leadership Lock

The pastor of a local church, Puyallup Foursquare, came to me in need of a website to help promote and sell his newly written book on leadership called The Leadership Lock. He needed to allow others to purchase his book online without the huge expense of many online merchant accounts. I was able to find him the cheapest rates available for his needs and create the site that displayed the necessary information about his book.


Save Our Bridge

I donated my time to this project in order to inform the community about the importance of the Murray Morgan Bridge, as a historical land mark. I worked with students at the University of Washington, Tacoma and designed a new look for the organization's pre-existing site. I also helped setup a merchant account so that the organization could accept online donations to help save our bridge.


Babes Books

A local author, Babe Lehrer, came to me in need of a website for a new book she had written entitled "Men, They Just Don't Get It". It is a collection of short stories about courtship, infertility, pregnancy, birth, family life, rejection and betrayal written in a humorous tone.

Despite the fact that I am a man (and don't get it), Babe was very pleased with the product that I developed for her.



An inspirational author, Kevin Baerg, had another web developer create his website with a WYSIWYG editor (like Microsoft Frontpage). This automated software created many bugs within the website. The previous developer stated that these bugs just could not be fixed. This is when Kevin came to me for help.

I did an overhaul on much of the code and was able to remove every bug that the website had. I also programmed many extras for the site such as a book reviews program, a member's only area, a shopping cart with many administration features, and streaming audio.


Heart & Soul Fitness

Heart & Soul Fitness provides fitness services consisting of personal training, group excercises and sports conditioning. I was asked to create this site as quickly as possible and with the smallest expense possible. Although, the site may not be perfect from a programers eyes it does get the message across. In the end the owner of this company was very pleased with the our ability to give her exactly what she wanted.


New Heart Dimensions

After spending close to $100 a month for a merchant account and a very limited website the owner of New Heart Dimensions came to me looking for a better way of doing things. She quickly found that she could cut her costs to be less than a third of the price she was currently paying. The deal was even more exciting when she found that she could have a completely new design for her website. A picture of the old design can be found here.


Photo Album

Another client had a need for displaying high quality photos in a compact amount of space. This client also wanted the photo display to be cutting edge. This idea pushed me to think outside the box, and the end result was very rewarding.

To see this photo album in action, place the mouse cursor over the right corner of the photo, now click. You may also click and drag for a page turning effect.