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I was working on a password protected site that needed to allow one specific user access without requiring a login/password to access it. The site was already using .htaccess to password protect the entire site so the quickest solution was to use the following type of setup in the htaccess file: Order deny,allow Deny from […]


I recently started using Windows Live Writer and I believe it is currently the best application out there for quickly posting to a blog. However, I found one issue where I could not easily paste HTML and other code and decided to develop a plugin to address it. If your in a hurry here is […]

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How to Modify a Program’s Icon

by Brett on March 9, 2009

It is possible to change just about any icon that comes with an application.  There are a few different applications that will help make this job easy and my favorite is resource hacker. The reason that I can think of that someone would want to change a programs icon are the following: Two programs have icons […]


Open Excel in Multiple Windows

by Brett on January 29, 2009

In my previous post I mentioned that there was a way to create a bat file to force Excel to open each file in a new window. Opening Excel in multiple windows makes it easier to use Excel across multiple monitors and gives back the standard alt+tab to flip between Excel Spreadsheets. The problem with […]


There is a flaw with the below solution it causes the associated Excel files to loose their icons. I posted a follow-up article for opening Excel in Multiple Windows that provides the same solution while associating a new icon with the Excel Files. When you open an Excel file in Windows Vista, it will only […]


Verify a WordPress Blog with Google

by Brett on July 21, 2008

In order to verify your site with google you need to go to Google’s Webmaster Tools Dashboard and add your website and then click verify. After clicking verify it will ask you to put a file on your website with a name similar to google54fbcc37db740a4d.html. In most cases this is all that needs to be done and then google […]


Once in a while need to allow someone access to one file but no other files in the same directory. I often solve this problem by moving the one file to a sub directory and then adding the following to an htaccess file in that same sub directory. allow from all satisfy any This normally works well […]


Count Lines of Code in C#

by Brett on December 4, 2007

When I am programming I often wonder how much code I have actually typed. Sometimes when I get in the zone, have a well thought out design and have auto-completion helping, I can generate code pretty quick. Although there are quite a few programs out there that will count the lines of code some are a […]

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In the nightly build of netbeans there is a module that can be installed called “Extra Update Center Module”. This can be made available in Netbeans 6 beta 2 by going to Tools–>Plugins–>Settings and clicking the “add” button. Then use the following url: Click “ok” and you should now have access to the “Extra […]

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Editplus is definitely my favorite text editor but it does not entirely support Regular Expression. Below is an example of when Editplus has failed me: So, I used the regular expression .*<table.*\n.*<tr>\n.*<td>. This unexpectedly returned everything from the beginning of the file down to the <td>. Basically it seems to have a little bit of trouble […]