Dot File Manager

by Brett on October 17, 2013

Today I finished putting together a dot file manager. This is a tool that helps manage all of the settings and configurations for multiple computers. I’m currently storing configs and settings for vim, sublime, bash, aliases, custom functions, bin files, thunar, diffuse, kupfer and the like. This tool allows building out a new computer with […]

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On occasion I need to run some software tests where Symantec gets in the way. So I put together a simple batch file that will stop and start Symantec. Just add the following commands to a symantec.bat file. Then you can run the commmands symantec start or symantec stop. if “%1” == “stop” ( echo […]

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I ran into a powershell script that Tomas Restrepo created to set putty up with a better color scheme. The color theme he used was based on Tango. This inspired me to make a few updates to my default configuration for putty. I used the powershell script to update my color theme and then updated […]


There is a flaw with the below solution it causes the associated Excel files to loose their icons. I posted a follow-up article for opening Excel in Multiple Windows that provides the same solution while associating a new icon with the Excel Files. When you open an Excel file in Windows Vista, it will only […]


touch with DOS commands

by Brett on March 20, 2007

I often use Cygwin to get access to a few linux style commands that I need. The command touch is one of those commands. In case your not familiar with it it will create/update the creation and modification times of a file to the current time. If the file specified does not exist it will […]


Count number of lines in a file using DOS

by Brett on February 25, 2007

Every once in a while I get on a computer and I need to count the number of lines in a file. My first instinct is to open my text editor (editplus) and hit ctrl+end to get to the bottom of the document. Then I can view the status bar which will tell me the […]


Mute on the Command Line

by Brett on December 14, 2006

I found a nice little utility to mute computer speakers at the following site: It is now very easy for me to mute/un-mute my speakers since I have this setup with SlickRun. Basically, while working on my computer I hit ctrl+space start to type mute and hit enter. I now have toggled the sound […]

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Sleep/Pause on the command line

by Brett on December 14, 2006

A quick simple way to make the command line stop executing for a certain amount of time is by put Everyone once in a while I need a way to stop the command line from executing for a certain number of seconds. By putting the 2 below lines in to a sleep.bat file I am […]

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Intro to Windows Power Shell

by Brett on December 10, 2006

I am just starting to familarize myself with windows Powershell. So far it sounds very powerful! I often find myself using DOS to create quick scripts that will automate some process. Over time I have found DOS to be fairly weak when compared to a Linux shell. My solution to this problem was to download […]

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Create file in DOS edit/copy con

by Brett on November 21, 2006

When working in DOS sometimes I have the need to quickly create a file. Normally I would type “edit test.txt” which would open test.txt if it exists or create it if it doesn’t exist. This works well if I need to edit an existing file or type a lot of data. Note: use the alt […]

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