Intro to Windows Power Shell

by Brett on December 10, 2006

I am just starting to familarize myself with windows Powershell. So far it sounds very powerful!

I often find myself using DOS to create quick scripts that will automate some process. Over time I have found DOS to be fairly weak when compared to a Linux shell. My solution to this problem was to download and install CYGWIN and then place the path to the files in the path. This provided me with many of the commands available to a linux shell in a DOS prompt.

From what I can tell Powershell has many of these commands available as well as a lot more functionality. It will allow you to work directly with objects. I am still a newbie at using the Powershell but I think it will be well worth the time to develop this skill.

Below are a few links to help get started using the Powershell:

Download the Powershell
Powershell Documentation
Powershell Blog
1st Chapter of Powershell in Action

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