UltraMon Breaks After Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

by Brett on April 6, 2010

I use the application UltraMon to help manage my multiple monitor setup. Overall this application is awesome as it makes moving applications between monitors a breeze and supports a separate task bar on each monitor, among other things.

However, I have had this issue for a while where UltraMon will not move applications between monitors after a Remote Desktop Connection has been established, instead UltraMon acts as if there is only one monitor.

In the past the only solution I had for this issue was to restart my computer. This is not an ideal solution for me as I’m often multi-tasking and running many applications at the same time.

In order to reboot I have to close down each application, save my work, reboot, and then start up every application again after the reboot. This is not a major amount of time but it does add up if I have to do it on a regular basis. Plus, I am one who likes to optimize everything to achieve as much efficiency as humanly possible in a given day.

So, I spent a few minutes and fiddled with UltraMon and found a way to fix this RDP flaw without requiring a reboot. The steps are as follows:

  1. Close UltraMonsshot-2010-04-05-[5]
  2. Right click on your desktop and select Screen Resolution
  3. Disable the monitor that the application cannot be moved to and click apply (screenshot on right). Repeat for all monitors that are suffering from this issue.
  4. Start UltraMon
  5. Enable all monitors that were disabled in step 3.

After completing the above steps UltraMon will be as good as new.

I have only tested this on Windows 7 so let me know if this works on other Windows versions as well.

Anyone up for automating the above steps? If I get a break I might try and tackle it.

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