I love using the Git branching model outlined by Vincent Driessen. My flow is almost identical to what he has described except for where the feature branches are stored. Specifically he states: Feature branches typically exist in developer repos only, not in origin. I’m a little less trusting with feature branches and instead often push […]

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I’ve had my blog running on port 80 for years and have finally decided it is time to deprecate HTTP and move everything to a secure SSL connection. This decision was a lot easier to make now that Let’s Encrypt is providing free SSL certificates and has been out of beta since April. I also […]

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Dot File Manager

by Brett on October 17, 2013

Today I finished putting together a dot file manager. This is a tool that helps manage all of the settings and configurations for multiple computers. I’m currently storing configs and settings for vim, sublime, bash, aliases, custom functions, bin files, thunar, diffuse, kupfer and the like. This tool allows building out a new computer with […]

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I recently had a task where I needed to export a specific table that was in a few hundred different databases. However, mysqldump does not have a way to specify that a specific table should be dumped out of every database. See the supported formats below: mysqldump [options] db_name [tbl_name …] mysqldump [options] –databases db_name […]

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I recently had a task where I needed to quickly start up 50 spot instances that all required an Elastic IP (EIP) address. I initially worked out the steps in the web console and determined I needed to accomplish the following: Request 50 spot instances based on an existing AMI Allocate 50 new EIPs Associate […]

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I often join IRC channels where other developers hang out. I’ve found this to be very beneficial in keeping up to speed with changing technologies. I generally stick to two servers Freenode and OFTC. Freenode is by far my favorite as it seems to be the standard server for other developers to join and create […]


On occasion I need to run some software tests where Symantec gets in the way. So I put together a simple batch file that will stop and start Symantec. Just add the following commands to a symantec.bat file. Then you can run the commmands symantec start or symantec stop. if “%1” == “stop” ( echo […]

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Mercurial Hook for Syntax Checking (PHP)

by Brett on October 8, 2010

For those unfamiliar with Mercurial, it is an awesome Source Control Management (SCM) tool. One of my favorite features of Mercurial is that the repositories are distributed which allows each machine to have a full copy of the project’s history. Being distributed has many advantages such as faster committing, branching, tagging, merging, etc. since it […]


Java Live Messenger (MSN) Robot

by Brett on September 2, 2010

I recently had a project to setup an Instant Messenger Robot for Windows Live Messenger. A IM robot can have many purposes such as: Keeping track of when contacts are online/offline and when they were last seen. Broadcasting a message to all contacts. Automatically answering common questions. Notifying contacts about new events. A newer site […]

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I use the application UltraMon to help manage my multiple monitor setup. Overall this application is awesome as it makes moving applications between monitors a breeze and supports a separate task bar on each monitor, among other things. However, I have had this issue for a while where UltraMon will not move applications between monitors […]

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